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Frequently asked questions

Through the KODDRoom, we highlight the best of young creation by proposing a permanent laboratory of discoveries. How ? By unveiling an exclusive selection of designers, brands, artists and entrepreneurs permanently virtually and very soon physically in Paris (During each Parisian fashion week, we open our laboratory without appointment to the public (individuals and professionals). Thus, you will develop your network and test your product with professionals and enthusiasts in your industry).


We offer 3 services:
Annual €3600 /year
Discovery €250 /month
Promium from €350 /month

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We offer 3 services:
Annual €2590 /year
Discovery €150 /month
Promium from €250 /month

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We offer 3 services:
Monthy €590*
Weekly €300
Daily from €150 /day

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We offer 3 services:
Monthy €390*
Weekly €150
Daily from €90 /day

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Note : Additional meeting fees are from €10*
We take care of the logistics, the communication plan and the decoration of the laboratory.
*Rates are displayed at prices excl. 20% VAT applied

Longer than you choose the longer service, the lower the cost and more you develop your network and branding.

Yes, all our services are without commitment. You stop when you want and start again when you want (subject to availability).

B2B is for Business to Business
B2C is for Business to customer
Showroom (Laboratory) is our service’s concept who highlight your business.

B2B & B2C showroom define all people that you can received in our space: Professionals and Particulars.

You can join the KODDRoom at any time of the year, but we recommend you to choose Paris Fashion Week if you choose “The Daily Option”.

During our masterclasses or consultations, we organise group workshops to develop your brand image and your business. We work on different topics to define your identity and the design of your communication tools.

Our masterclasses will take place 4 times a month with a maximum of 5 brands and 5 artists per session. We will bring you a global vision in order to be readable, identifiable and loved by the consumer.

Our private (1 member) or semi-private (2 to 3 members) consultations will take place once a month.

Note : We organise virtual sessions via Skype or Google Meet. Physical sessions will take place in our showroom.

Our processus to promote the brands and the artists of the KODDRoom is to do influencers and D2C (Direct to Customer), organize Paris fashion week(s), Events, send newsletter to our data base of +4000 people subscribed and to publish posts and story on our social medias with +40k people.

Note : There is also optional services with our partners (Art Direction, Press/Buyers relations and Pop up Stores/Events).

We will contact you 1 week (7 days) before the end of your monthly/weekly physical pack or virtual subscription. You can renew your pack up to 72 hours (3 days) before the last day of the pack.

Note : The daily pack of the physical offer does not have a maximum renewal period. You can therefore renew whenever you wish (subject to the place of availability).

We do not receive brands and/or artists every day in the laboratory.

Exception : You can come when you have a professional appointment, private sales by appointment, Paris Fashion Week (during our events open to the general public only), masterclasses/consultation or if you have an appointment with us.

Business appointments and private sales are by appointment only. You can manage your business appointments and private sales according to our schedule.

Note : Reception and organisation are handled by you. We will leave you with your collaborators/clients during your professional appointments and private sales.

Yes, all information is specified on the Tariffs & Plans pages of each service concerned.


We work together with various partner agencies/press offices. The press reviews of our partners include online articles, print, radio and TV publications in different media depending on your budget and demand.


We work together with various partner agencies/independent buyers. The distribution of your products depends on your budget and your demand.

Note : We are the only intermediary between you and our partners. We take care of forwarding your request to our partners, and your publications to you. For any questions/problems, you only have to contact us.

We can organise your pop up store/event from A to Z. We will take care of the space with our team to sell your products.

Note : The price from €1000, corresponds to the sales points of our approved partners shops/concept stores that offer to sell your products/services by renting their spaces (Locations: Paris, Berlin, New York, London, Milan, Dubaï …).

There is no hidden fees. Koddroom does not charge additional fees for transactions made through or thanks to our laboratory.

The place is chosen according to the specific criteria. The location sectors: Paris 9, 3, 10, 11 or 2, the place quality (the decor, the layout …). We choose the appropriate location depending on our business sector, medium/high-end, to offer the most optimized place with the KODD’s visual identity (minimalist, bright, open space …).

The opening is planned very soon.

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