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avenir metaverse marketing kodd room magazine digital marketing
avenir metaverse marketing kodd room magazine digital marketing
avenir metaverse marketing kodd room magazine digital marketing

Digital Marketing

How metaverse becomes a marketing tool

In the digital age, the way we reach the consumer has changed. The metaverse is a new approach to marketing via the Internet.

What is the metaverse ?

The metaverse is the concept of creating virtual worlds that become online experiences for the consumer. This parallel world represents unlimited communication possibilities for companies. Indeed, they are worlds created from scratch to seduce the customer.

The name metaverse means “many verses” and universe. It is a reference to a space in which all beings exist. It is a concept that has been used many times in the science fiction universe but is now becoming reality.

These virtual experiences allow customers to interact with the brands present.
The online experience starts the physical one, inviting the consumer to come to the store. This gives the customer the opportunity to live a personalized immersive experience.

More and more brands are using the metaverse as a way to create and gather a community.


Avatars are the foundation of the metaverse and correspond to future consumers. They don’t necessarily create avatars in their likeness but rather, in a way that reflects what they would like to look like. This opens up a lot of opportunities for the apparel industry, as the clothes the avatars are dressed in can be purchased online.

For a brand, it is crucial to take into account the virtual aspect of these characters to develop the dreaming and imaginative side of the consumer.

The French leather goods brand Longchamps, has set up a partnership with the game Pokemon Go, in which avatars can wear limited edition bags, available for purchase in the game’s virtual store but also in physical stores.

A new communication opportunity

In the virtual world everything is possible, it’s a question of imagination. That’s why the fields of possibilities are enormous ! This virtual consumption mode is similar to ours in real life. It is based on the same economic model, only the currency is virtual.

The format of online events is already well known to Internet users. It gives the possibility to a brand to be present but also to the consumer to buy food through the virtual event and have it delivered to his home. In particular, there are some virtual art galleries that sell NFT or physical art online.

The metaverse marketing is a new marketing channel. This mode of communication offers the possibility for a brand to get in touch with a customer individually, in an ultra personalized way. It allows to express the identity of a brand through digital content.

Communication in the metaverse makes it possible to target all consumers and not just one specific target. If brands know how to properly manage their online presence, then it will impact reality.

At KODDRoom, we help you organize your online events. To increase your visibility, our influence studio accompanies you for the launch of your brand or product, your events (webinars, masterclasses, pop up stores, trade shows) and retail sourcing (online and physical).

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