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avenir video courte kodd room magazine digital marketing
avenir video courte kodd room magazine digital marketing
avenir video courte kodd room magazine digital marketing

Social media

What future for short videos ?

The short video has become an integral part of our way of consuming information. It is indispensable and holds our attention more than any text. It is a powerful communication tool for the future !

The birth of the short video

With the emergence of smartphones, television was neglected in favour of computers and phones. It is now possible to have continuous and immediate information, unlike the days when you had to wait until you got home and turned on the TV.

The video format has always been a way to inform us. As a result, we prefer a visual as opposed to a long text to read. The advent of social networks has enabled shorter formats that concentrate a greater volume of information. According to a Cisco study, in 2020, video will represent 82% of Internet traffic. A great growth therefore at the expense of television !

The future of content marketing ?

Video is a good medium because it is effective and requires less effort to concentrate. As it is shorter than text, the information is better assimilated by the consumer.

The video medium is closer to the consumer, it humanises and transmits an emotion because it appeals to our senses. Video will stimulate both visual and auditory memory, so you are more likely to be remembered by your audience.

It is also a very effective way to get a message across. All you need is a compelling storytelling and a soundtrack to match and you’ll immerse your audience in an experience they’ll remember.

Short videos are a worthwhile investment. According to Teaser, they generate 30% more interaction and sharing than photos. What’s more, it’s a real purchase trigger : 42% of French people have already made a purchase following an online video.

3 reasons to favour short videos

Social networks such as Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram are very good examples to show the usefulness and effectiveness of videos today.

1/ Adapting to consumer practices
Since users consume video information, it is important to adapt to this type of medium. With dynamic, fast-paced and adapted content, you can capture their attention and therefore stand out from the thousands of other videos.

2/ Adapt to social networks
The new distribution channels put forward short video content because this is what is most viewed by users. By creating this kind of content, you will have a better chance of being viewed by as many people as possible.

3/ Produce synthetic content
The short video requires less editing work, so it allows a greater volume of content. It is an effective solution for summarising information quickly and efficiently. In addition, don’t hesitate to make your video attractive, with pop colours and well-chosen text.

The growth of short videos is still in its infancy. Saving time and money, it allows you to reach an ever larger audience that is looking for quick and efficient information.

At KODDRoom, we support you in your virtual or physical influencer marketing strategy. To increase your visibility, our influencer studio will accompany you for the launch of your brand or product, your events (webinars, masterclasses, pop up stores, trade shows) and retail sourcing (online and physical).

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